Recreation Compleks “Riekstu kalns” in Latvia offers a wide range of leisure and entertainment opportunities in both winter and summer seasons. In winter here is Equipment rental, Skiing, Snowboards, Instructor services, Sledding, Snowshoeing, Cafe, Lookout tower, Accommodation. In summer – Adventure park “Kokos Rieksts”, Summer toboggan, Tubing, Zip line, Disc golf, Squirrels Village, Giant swing, Quadbikes, Bungee jumping, trampoline, Observation tower.

Logotype versions for both seasons.
Word – RIEKSTUKALNS in translation is NUT HILL, that is why in logotype is NUT form, at the same time it is a HILL..
A blank, Envelope, Business card
Logo visualization on the building facade for Summer side.
Gift card design for both seasons – Winter and Summer.
Web design winter version for desktop and mobile
All front page desktop version
404 error page design
Web trail map
T-shirt print design for 2017 Winter season team
T-shirt print design for 2018 Winter season team
Additional illustration / design for Winter season T-shirt print
Materials for Winter season – last ride up poster, a banner and ski ticket design
Materials for Winter season – online ticketing scheme
Online ticketing scheme – banner for Winter season
Prices poster for Winter season
Materials for winter season.
Invitation cards for Winter and Summer season atractions
Tournament winner prize design for Summer season’s attraction – Disk Golf.
Banner for Summer attractions
Summer season’s attraction – Quadbike shema
Summer season offer – grill rental, fuel and charcoal
Label for a bottle of fuel
T-shirt and felt jacket print design for 2018 Summer season team
Sticker on Summer Rodelns
Discount poster in 3 languages
Summer attraction rules
Excavattor function scheme
Covid-19 security posters