A book “From the Other Side” is true experience story on how to regain health. The author has created it as a practical handbook for everyone so person could work with self.

An extraordinary solution for the book cover – the book is readable from one side, and also from the other side. That is why the cover is visible from both sides.

It is currently available on the shelves of Latvian bookstores, but the book is also being translated into English.

Everything starts with that everyone has a choice to choose a disease or health… and these choices are always present here, just like life and death. The human body is cyclical, as it is nature and the processes within it.

Illustration for health side – thriving tree man.
Illustration for disease side – withered tree man.
Book layot outside.
Book layout inside.
Knowledge cards for sharing.
Web site design

The website is designed to sell books online and also to share valuable educational information from the book.

Front page for desktop version.
Online Shop page for desktop version.
A sticker (is used on the envelope when sending the book by mail).