When I first met graphic designer Līga on a rainy autumn day I knew straight away that she is the missing link needed to further develop my little entrepreneurial venture. During our collaboration, we set out to update the business logo but ended up changing the name and the concept of the business. Liga’s depths of knowledge, occupational and interpersonal skills, professional capacity and unearthly wisdom go beyond creating pretty infographics, she is building the brands and connecting individuals to The Source by bringing everyone involved closer to their true nature. Everything she touches turns to gold. Be warned: Līga changes lives too. In a good way. Thank you for being part of my growth journey.


I had a pleasure working with Liga on a fairly big and complex project that involved building a brand, website and various promo materials all from ground up. She was an integral part of the process, overseeing the creation of the brand image, design guidelines and a wide range of posters, infographics and publicity materials. It was very apparent from the first interactions that Liga is an experienced graphic design professional who has very clear and established processes that helped to guide us in building a brand and design guidelines that have the project’s values and vision integrated throughout all aspects.
At various points where decisions needed to be made about the right direction of development or when decisions needed to be made about aspects, she was able to give very detailed advice and valuable perspectives about the subliminal meanings and messages the design elements would carry, which greatly helped with making the right decisions.
Liga’s broader interests and experience in the fields of pedagogy, psychology and spiritual well-being allowed to greatly broaden the horizon of ideas and create deep and authentic design masterpieces.
Having developed a very clear and strong brand image and guidelines, it was very easy to keep referring to them and integrate them throughout further website design and other project, even if they were performed by other professionals who were not involved from the start.
Liga has a powerful ability to go deep into the purpose and spirit of a project and create the brand image, designs and guidelines in true alignment with the vision.