I am working as a graphic designer since 2006, sometimes in collaboration with design agencies, but I prefer to work personally with clients.

I come originally from Latvia, but I live in England part of the time since 2018.

I am an open and socially attentive person with excellent communication, listening, public speaking and leadership skills.
Self-disciplined, purposeful and responsible, I prefer to have flexibility with the freelance projects and work individually with each client to build true relationships during collaboration by paying attention to the client’s specific needs and go deep into the project philosophy to find the most suitable solution. My deep, intuitive perception allows me to see right through things and get to the heart of the matter.

I mostly working part time, because since 2015 I am a mother for my daughter, with who I share my daily life and devote time to her education.


I worked also as graphic design teacher in Web-school  https://webskola.lv/ in Latvia for 3 years since 2012-2015. Later I led my own course for Corporate Identity for students in Latvia until my daughter was born.

Some student’s projects, which I led:  behance.net/webskola

  • From 2016 to 2017 year “Natural Voice Release” courses and workshops in Latvian Institute of Transpersonal Education, led by Dana Indane
  • From 2008 to 2010 year Latvian University / Pedagogy, psychology and art faculty / Arts division / Graphic designers
  • From to 2004 to 2007 year International Institute of Practical Psychology (Latvia) / Design department/ Graphic designers
  • From 1994 to 1997 year Cesis Arts School (Latvia) / Ceramics department.

Alongside my professional occupation, I am grateful to be able to share my knowledge and experience in the field of psychology, therapy and emotional, spiritual well-being and help others through it. This includes working with the voice in its healing aspect, as well as other forms of self-expression. I used to lead a group process in this area.

Furthermore, I have multiple experiences in retreats and participation in personality development camps, as well as various self-awareness classes, including dance therapy, singing and voice master classes, psychodrama, rebirth breathing and others.