I prefer and am open to work with important, valuable projects that benefit people and the planet at different levels, and also prevents the consequences of unconscious human action result, as well with simply world-friendly projects.


I am specialized in Branding, all type of Print materials, Illustration, Web / Mobile design and also Packaging design.

It includes also Logo, Business Cards, Forms, Envelopes, Posters, Booklets, Calendars, Stamps, Tags, Banners, Signboards, Signs, Cards, Clothing and other material Printing Design, 2-D Visualizations, Greeting Cards, Technical drawings, Labels, Brochures, Billboards, Book cover design and other unnamed materials.

Most of all I enjoy to create a Visual Style from the very begining, when new company is born or to make a redesign for an already existing company. This practically includes the development of a new logo and the creation of various corporate materials and concluding with Brand Book.

I am open to work also with interesting private projects with a good philosophy.


My inspiration comes through meditation, and contact with nature, as well through the singing and deep breathing.

I work very individualy with each client and pay attention to each specific needs, going deep into project philosophy and finding the most suitable solution.

The main condition for good cooperation for me is true and open communication with client.

If project is large, I prefer one project over a period of time so that I can focus more deeply on it.


I provide calculations based on the hourly rate (£25 per hour in UK – the amount varies depending on the customer’s country) and the tasks required for your project. To calculate, I will need more information about what you have and what you wish to do.

Along with the first sketches I created for client, I send the prepaid invoice about part of my work, what is started, and then the second invoice, when job is finished. If the project is long-term – I send the invoice in stages or about once a month until the work is completed. Contact me for more details.


As a result, you will receive fully developed graphic files in .EPS, .PDF for branding and print materials or .PSD, .SVG format for web design. It is depending on the design material being created.